At Black Rock Village Meats, our aim is to offer high quality, free range and ethically farmed local produce.  We support local and regional farmers and offer our customers great service with the peace of mind in knowing where their meat comes from.


Our Mission

We are a family owned and run business born from three generations of knowledge and passion in the meat game.  We aim to provide our customers with locally sourced meat and produce that is free range, ethically farmed and only of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on providing you with our own award-winning home made hams, bacon, sausages & burgers that we create with fresh ingredients and a lot of love and care. 

We aim to be more than just a traditional meat shop and provide you with information and choices when purchasing your meat so that you are safe in the knowledge that you are supporting local farmers and producers. We support sustainable farming practises and the 'nose to tail' philosophy of offering our customers as many options as possible so that there is little wastage of the animal.

We have a love of all things pantry and kitchen and stock a wide range of locally sourced gourmet pantry items to complement your cooking experience. 

We pride ourselves on offering food that is not only nutritious but suitable for the whole family and everyday cooking. We love providing our customers with as much information as possible on the cut of meat they have selected and tips on how to prepare and cook the meat.   Check out our blog for some fresh meal ideas you can cook at home with ease!

β€œThe only Meat to Eat is Local, Sustainable, Free Range & Natural.”